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Chili heat

At ChiliHouse we taste all products and scale them on a scale from 1-10 according to heat:

Level Chili type
Heat 0 Red / Green bell pepper
Heat 1
Heat 2 Ancho, Mulato
Heat 3 New Mexico, Pasilla
Heat 4 Valentina Hot Sauce (and Tabasco sauce)
Heat 5 Jalapeno, Chipotle (= smoked Jalapeno)
Heat 6 Serrano
Heat 7 Cayenne
Heat 8 Thai, Peri-Peri, Piquin
Heat 9
Heat 10 Habanero, Fatalii
Heat 10+++ Super hot chilis (California Reaper, Trinidad Moruga, Jolokia) and extreme hot sauces
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